Exercise Do’s and Don'ts

Exercise Do’s and Don'ts


  • Exercises you like.
  • Doing exercises you like will keep you more consistent.
  • Stay disciplined.
  • Focus on discipline over motivation.
  • A good warm up and cool down.
  • You should break a sweat during your warm-up. Static stretching for a cool-down. 
  • Something active every day.
  • Even rest days should include some form of activity.
  • Find a workout partner.
  • Having a workout partner can help hold you accountable.


  • Don’t expect immediate results.
  • Be consistent for 3-4 months before judging progress.
  • Don’t set unrealistic goals.
  • Set attainable short and long term goals. Goals should start off simple. E.g. make it to the gym 3 days this week.
  • Don’t expect to start where you left off.
  • Start slow and light.
  • Don’t think working out gives you free rein to eat whatever you want.
  • Stay disciplined both in the gym and kitchen.

Note: Your health and fitness is a representation of your daily life choices