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    Time for that New Year’s Resolution! Yup. “I’m going to start working out!” I hear that several times every January. Starting off a new year with a mission to improve your health Read more
  • Detox Blog #2
    Kevin Strawn from Metagenics came to the office to present to us about the detox. The detox itself is very user friendly and easy to follow. But seeing just exactly Read more
  • The Detox Blog
            Well, it’s here everyone! “The Detox Box”. I never would have thought I would end up doing a detox honestly. Because first of all, who has Read more
  • Dr. Manley now accepting insurance!
    After months of paperwork and waiting, Dr. Manley is finally contracted with several insurance companies.  He is currently contracted with:MedicarePremera Blue CrossCignaAetnaFirst Choice HealthLabor and IndustriesAuto AccidentsWe will keep you Read more
  • Welcome Dr. Manley
    Dr. Brent Manley, DCMy background provided me with the opportunity of learning and expanding my appreciation of different beliefs and cultures. I was born and raised in northern California and Read more
  • Coffee and Chocolate Tidbits
    Coffee first.  Sunday was a miserable day.  Rain, wind and just plain gloomy.  I made my second cup of coffee for the day and Cheryl notes its decaf and I Read more
  • Another reason to eat breakfast
    ANOTHER REASON TO EAT BREAKFASTI love breakfast.  “The most important meal of the day!”  I’m sure you have all heard that old wives tale.   Old wives tale:  an epithet used Read more
  • Heated Stone Massage
    Heated Stone MassageThis type of massage work uses water treated stones placed on the body or integrated with the massage stroke to allow the therapist to more easily perform deep Read more
  • Michelle's Favorite Meat Loaf
    My Favorite Meat Loaf On a cold November day, nothing says "Comfort Food" like Meat Loaf. Recipes for Meat Loaf are often filled with extra carbs to add bulk, but this one Read more
  • Salmon Mango Cashew Salad
    Salmon Mango Cashew SaladIf you need more protein in your diet but don't always have the time or patience for cooking meat try this recipe. Great for lunch or dinner Read more
  • Chile con Carne y Verduras
    Chile con Carne y Verduras This is a mildly spicy, garlicky chile that is high in protein and low in sodium. Most canned chili's and soups contain 5 times the amount Read more
  • Green Quiche
    Green Quiche6 servings Nutrition per serving 265 calories 10 g protein 17 g carbohydrate Mmm, high protein and low-carb with plenty of green veggies. This flaky crust made with healthy fat and whole grain flour Read more
  • Detox Blog #3
    Well, I would give anything right now to have some steak and potatoes – with some sour cream… Days 5-7 are definitely the toughest. I’ve noticed I’ve been craving so Read more
  • BBQ Salad
    BBQ Salad Makes 2 servings Like most people, I'd rather have too much food than not enough, especially at my summer family BBQ's. Luckily, one of the best things about BBQ's is the Read more
  • Rhubarb Coffee Cake
    Rhubarb Coffee Cake Makes 18 servings Tired of the same old Rhubarb Pie? Try this recipe using Rhubarb in a whole new way. Ingredients 2 1/4 cups whole wheat flour (substitute with rice or Read more
  • Fruit and Veggie Kabobs
    Fruit and Veggie Kabobs It's that time of year when fresh, local fruits and vegetables are available in abundance. High in fiber and low in calories, fruits and vegetables should make up Read more

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