Time for that New Year’s Resolution! Yup. “I’m going to start working out!” I hear that

several times every January. Starting off a new year with a mission to improve your

health is admirable. So Mike (our Exercise Physiologist and Personal Trainer) and I

have put together a tips list to help you get started and stay consistent.

Have a plan:

Include where to workout. Home, the gym or at work? Don’t sign up at a gym that is

out of your way. Make it on the way to or from work or at least close to home. And

don’t underestimate what you can do at home. You don’t need a gazillion dollars of

equipment to get a good workout. Does your workplace have some equipment on site?

Schedule regular times. Is your energy best in the morning, mid day or evening? For

example, if you are not a morning person, 5 AM will break your will quicker than a


Set easy to achieve goals:

Mike’s advice is to “Set S.M.A.R.T. goals” (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant,

Timely). Set easy to achieve goals for a 4 week period and when you nail it set the next

4 week goals.

Start a workout log/journal:

Write your goals in your log/journal as well as your workouts. What’s real cool is looking

back a few months and seeing the progress you've made. That’s good motivation!

Dont obsess with results; focus on consistency:

Journaling and scheduling really helps with the consistency. And having a workout

partner can keep you on track. On those days you’d rather go for a beer after work your

partner will be your motivation to do the workout first. And vice versa on the days they

are feeling lazy. “Results will come with consistency, Grasshopper.”

Ask for help:

Just making good choices where and how to start can be overwhelming. Most gyms

have personal trainers that can help you get started. As an option, Mike is available to

coach you. And your insurance may cover some of the cost if it's included in your

treatment plan. The DC’s in our office will know what your needs are and can

incorporate flexibility, core and balance exercises as part of a stability program. And if

you are performing a program currently and plateau, let us know.

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