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Another reason to eat breakfast


I love breakfast.  “The most important meal of the day!”  I’m sure you have all heard that old wives tale.   Old wives tale:  an epithet used to indicate that a supposed truth is actually a superstition or something untrue, to be ridiculed.  It can be said sometimes to be a type of urban legend (I stole that from Wikipedia).  But then I read the abstract from the following article:

From the journal, Stroke, 02/01/2016 Kubota Y, et al.  “Association of Breakfast Intake With Incident Stroke and Coronary Heart Disease”

Conclusions—“The frequency of breakfast intake was inversely associated with the risk of stroke, especially cerebral hemorrhage in Japanese, suggesting that eating breakfast everyday may be beneficial for the prevention of stroke.”

So now we have learned that besides eating 3 meals a day for good health breakfast can also reduce the risk of developing type II diabetes, being overweight, raising your IQ (seriously) and you may reduce your risk of stroke with a healthy breakfast.  Gramma was right.  Again.