Final Detox Blog

Well we did it!! We finished as an office not too long ago, so I’m just catching you guys up! Tonya, Meagan, and Lindsay as you know started a little bit after everyone but finished strong! Not too many of us noticed a huge dramatic change in energy levels, but I know that Shelly said after a couple days of doing the detox her energy levels shot up and continued to stay up even after finishing! Woohoo! I can speak for a few of us who slept a lot better throughout the detox as well. That was the biggest change in myself I noticed. Overall we got pretty good results here in the office! But aside from results - we actually are selling this 10 day detox in our office now! So now it’s your guys’ turn! We’ve also put together a tip sheet that will be available in office as well so you guys who are interested can take from our experience and make yours even better! You can talk to anyone in the office about the detox and we will be more than willing to help you out. I hope to hear results from you guys soon!