Detox Blog #4

It’s finally my last day – if you haven’t already figured out who has been writing its Ashley! I’ve never been happier to have finished something in my life. I guess it wasn’t all that bad – considering I’m the first one done and now it’s out of the way. I just have the rest of today’s shakes and pills and I can smell the coffee right around the corner. As for everyone else – Tonya, Meagan, and Lindsay will all be starting after the 4th… I wondered why. ;) So don’t worry, ill still keep those who are interested updated on their experience in the next couple weeks as well! Dr. Manley is on Day 6 – right behind me! He said he was getting some bad leg cramps last night and still just can’t get away with feeling hungry all the time! But otherwise is feeling pretty good. Mel is on Day 7 and is really craving the protein. She said all she needs is eggs and she will be good. Mike hasn’t been in the past week so he is already on Day 8! He said it actually hasn’t been too bad. His wife Jamie had a really bad headache starting from the first day and lasted up until day 5! But Mike hasn’t felt any different, just starving all the time he said! Dr. Smith is also on Day 8 and is still hungry. He hasn’t noticed too much energy wise, along with the rest of the office mostly because we all actually don’t eat too badly to begin with. But he has noticed his sleep is definitely better!  Shelly is feeling amazing! She said that the shakes don't make her feel bloated and that her energy level has shot up! We will be selling this 10 day detox in our office, so if you or anyone you know is interested come on in! :) Stay tuned for group twos results!