Detox Blog #3

Well, I would give anything right now to have some steak and potatoes – with some sour cream… Days 5-7 are definitely the toughest. I’ve noticed I’ve been craving so much more than the other days. The shake is getting easier to chug down but the pills still get me every single time. Its Day 7, I’m on the home stretch and never been more excited. On the upside I do have a lot more energy throughout the day, so that is a plus. I really could go for a coffee right about now though. Shelly is on Day 2 and is also experiencing the headache we have all gotten and feels like she needs to go #2… but cant. Maybe she needs some of that coffee I’m craving. Dr. Smith says “there are just simply not enough apples in the world right now to cure his hunger.” Dr. Manley is feeling good but him and I are both ready to be finished with this detox. Too much desire for carbs. Check back in Friday to catch the last days of our detox!