Detox Blog #2

Kevin Strawn from Metagenics came to the office to present to us about the detox. The detox itself is very user friendly and easy to follow. But seeing just exactly what kind of toxins and how we are exposed to them was ridiculous. Literally every single day we are exposed to unnatural and unhealthy toxins that do in fact take a toll on our bodies. Kevin explained that this is why people feel 100 times better after detoxing, because our bodies have such a buildup of them that when they are released we see higher energy levels. So to see it from a different perspective was eye opening. But to keep up with the office – because I know everyone really wants to know just how we all are doing…  I’m personally on my 5th day now. The second day was completely fine until I got the shakes and a head ache at night time. But after I slept it off and woke up the next day it’s been getting easier since. I noticed I have more energy. My body is ready to get up in the morning and isn’t so sluggish, without the coffee of course. :) I have noticed I can eat 3 times the amount I used to be able to before I started this detox. So besides wanting to eat constantly I’m seeing definite changes! Dr. Manley on the other hand is on Day 2 and is definitely missing his coffee this morning! Other than his first day being a little rough with the detox and heat he said his energy levels are back up and he’s feeling great! Eric one of our LMP’s started this morning and said breakfast was plain but so far so good. Mel came in this morning and “would definitely eat a cheeseburger if it was in front of her”  – check back in Wednesday for more!