The Detox Blog

        Well, it’s here everyone! “The Detox Box”. I never would have thought I would end up doing a detox honestly. Because first of all, who has ever heard of one that’s “easy” or reasonable?! You have to change your whole diet and it’s quite the commitment if you ask me. No coffee, beer, or animal meat?! The office definitely has their work cut out for them. But we managed to get the whole office to participate. The Detox Box comes with the free Metagenics shaker, the powder for your shake for the WHOLE detox, the detox capsules, and the guide to your detox success! The guide makes it so easy to understand and I meal prepped for the whole 10 days! I guess Dr. Smith was right – detoxing can be fun…. Sometimes. Find out more in the next couple days and check up on everyone in the office to see how they are doing!  This should be interesting!